Lauren S

I came to Sarah after months of trying to lose the rest of my “baby weight” with limited success. Sarah not only helped me achieve my postpartum weight goals, she overhauled my general health. She really listened to my individual needs and concerns and worked with me to create an eating plan that didn’t leave me feeling deprived and hangry! I can’t thank you enough, Sarah, for helping me get my post-baby mojo back!

Lauren S (client)

Catherine Goodstein, MD

"As an obgyn, I know the importance of good nutrition to support conception, pregnancy and postpartum recovery. When I refer patients to Sarah, I know they are in good hands. She is adept at translating the latest nutrition science into realistic, actionable health guidance that everyone can incorporate into their lives." 

- Catherine Goodstein, MD, Carnegie Hill Ob/Gyn 

Laurel G

“Sarah helped me at a time when I was feeling really down on myself. She is more than a nutritionist - when you have your off days, she’s there for you as a friend, and when you succeed she’s your biggest cheerleader. She’s easy to talk to and so encouraging, and I made huge strides with my overall health after working with her for only a few months.”

- Laurel G (client)

Michelle Kornbleuth, Ph.D.

“Sarah Rueven delivers the most up to date and empirically sound evidence and support to expecting and new parents on how to feed themselves and their growing babies. She is an integral part of our team of presenters we trust and invite back to every lecture series.”

Michelle Kornbleuth, Ph.D, CEO Ready to Parent