Our current Mama of the Moment is Joanie Johnson. Joanie is the co-founder of Fit Pregnancy Club, a pre- and postnatal exercise expert, and mama to a beautiful daughter. We sat down with Joanie to talk about how FPC was "born," getting back into a fitness routine after having a baby, and what she's looking forward to most about spring! I think you'll enjoy Joanie's refreshing and honest attitude about health as much as I did!


xx Sarah


Tell us a little bit about how FPC was "born".

FPC was "born" out of our (my business partner Carolina Gunnarson and I) frustration with the lack of fitness options during our own pregnancies.  We wanted to continue working out at a challenging level, gaining strength, sweating to good music and realized there weren't any places where a pregnant woman could go.  

What made you want to work primarily with women who are pregnant and postpartum?

I am knee deep in the perinatal stage of my own life with a 20-month-old at home and talk of adding another in the future.  Additionally, after being through the process of pregnancy, birth and now navigating the world of motherhood and postpartum care, I’m fully frustrated with the state of women’s health.  FPC is our way of empowering women as they navigate this stage of their lives by creating a community of support, surrounding them with knowledgeable professions and instilling strength and body confidence.  

As a business owner and working mom, how do you define balance?

Balance is not losing my shit at the end of the day.  (Am I allowed to say that?!) Also, wine.

How did you approach health and fitness while you were pregnant?

I became (unhealthily) OBSESSED with every morsel of food and exercising every day up until the very end.  I always tell our clients, I’ve learned everything the hard way. I didn’t embrace the changes happening in my body, and I certainly didn’t practice letting go.  If we go for round 2, my approach will be VERY different and will probably include a lot of meditation.

What is your number one tip to women who are getting back into a fitness routine after having a baby?

Don’t rush back into your routine.  Take the full 6 weeks that most care providers recommend to forget about your body and bond with your baby.  And when you get “clearance” to work out, your first stop should be to a women’s health PT. We firmly believe that physical therapy should automatically be prescribed to every woman after childbirth.  

What does your ideal food day look like ?

I follow the mantra, “Greens, grains and beans/protein” for every meal.  Ideally, I get in 4-5 small meals a day that meet that criteria with lots of water and fruit to snack on in between.  

What are you looking forward to most about spring in New York?

Commuting into the studio on my bike!  I live in Brooklyn and am over the MTA.  

How would you describe your approach to health & wellness?

I approach health & wellness with lots of education.  I’ve learned to ignore all “food fads” and “popular workouts” because at the end of the day, well researched science is always in style.