Our current Mama of the Moment is Alli Kasirer, CEO and Founder of FertileGirl. Alli is a new mom to two twin boys. She is about to celebrate their 1-year birthdays AND the 1-year anniversary of her company. We sat down with Alli to talk about all things fertility and her favorite parts about being a new mom. 


xx Sarah

What led you to start Fertile Girl?

When I was on my own fertility journey, I noticed there were no consumer brands speaking to the TTC (trying-to-conceive) community.  That realization came at the same time that I was feeling more empowered in my own pre-pregnancy lifestyle changes (especially diet & nutrition).  I decided to combine these two concepts into a nutrition company committed to changing the fertility conversation and providing a network of community and support for women during the pre-pregnancy period. 

What is the mission of Fertile Girl and where do you see the company going in the future?

Our mission is to empower women to make healthy choices and destigmatize the fertility conversation.  Through our proof of concept, we’ve realized that the market is a lot bigger than just pre-pregnancy.  We’d like to start making products for pregnancy and postpartum/lactation as well. 

How important do you think diet and lifestyle are for a woman's fertility?

I believe diet and health in general are intensely interconnected and that obviously includes the stages of pre-pregnancy and pregnancy as well.  For my personal journey, I needed to find balance through lifestyle choices in order to find success through ART (assisted reproductive technology).  I found it empowering to take control of my nutrition during a time that so much was out of my control.  Most of my TTC sisters that I speak to regularly feel similarly.

How did you stay healthy and feeling good during your own pregnancy?

A phrase I always repeat is “mother yourself.”  That’s something I started doing during pre-pregnancy and continued that practice of self-care all throughout my pregnancy.  When you mother yourself, it’s much easier to stay healthy and positive. 

As a CEO and new mom (to twins!), how do you define balance?

LOL, balance!  No, just kidding.  For some people, maybe true “balance” exists.  For me, I just try to do my best everyday.  Sometimes that means spending more time at home.  Sometimes that means spending more time at the office.  I try not to overanalyze and trust my instincts when it comes to time management.

What’s your favorite part about being a new mom?

I love this new thing where the boys put out their arms to be picked up for snuggles.  It makes my heart melt every time. 

How do you carve out self-care time during the week?

I try to make time for a workout (SoulCycle and/or tennis as of late) or a manicure when I can.  While each day is extremely busy, I’ve been able to retain the flexibility that I need for self-care time. 

What does your ideal food day look like?

I’m a pretty simple eater!  Probably eggs or oatmeal for breakfast, a yummy salad for lunch, and a whole-wheat pasta dish (spicy red sauce!) for dinner.  I eat a lot of plant-based protein like nuts, beans, and brown rice.  I eat very little meat, but I haven’t cut it out of my diet altogether either. 

What does wellness mean to you?

Being my best self—physically and mentally.

What’s your favorite new wellness trend? Least favorite?

Loving mediation/mindfulness but still trying to figure out how to carve out time for a regular practice.  Not sure I have a least favorite honestly…anything super drastic is not my style.  I much prefer moderation when it comes to mostly everything.

What are you looking forward to most about the new year?

Seeing my little boys grow and interact with each other more.  In terms of specific occasions, celebrating their 1-year birthday as well as the 1-year FertileGirl anniversary.