Refrigerator Revamp

Have you ever wondered if you are stocking the right foods in your pantry and refrigerator? Do “sell by” dates really matter? What are some things you should always have on hand? During this 2-hour session, I help you identify foods you should always have on hand and what you should consider “kicking to the curb.” It’ll feel like you just won Extreme Makeover: Pantry Edition. We will make sure nutritious foods you actually enjoy are making it onto your plate. 

Grocery Store Tour

Grocery shopping can be daunting, and in New York it’s usually a total pain in the ass. When you have more than one mouth to feed it turns into a production. How can you pack in all of your nutrients without totally changing your diet? How do you eat healthfully without breaking the bank? What are some nutritious foods that may surprise you? What should you be avoiding? During this 60-minute session, we shop your favorite grocery store and identify the best foods for you and your growing family. 

The Tune-Up

This program is designed for those who have worked with Rooted Wellness in the past and want a “tune-up.” This 45-minute session will dive into updates on health history, current goals, and what you can improve to help you stick with it!

Can I Just Customize My Package?

This package is completely customizable by the most important person… YOU! You will help determine which services you want, and need, to fit your lifestyle. Cut through your own “nutrition noise” and learn what is right for your body.